Self Service Data Prep with Lavastorm Analytics

In this blog series we will be taking a look at the The Lavastorm Analytics Engine. Lavstorm is categorized as Self Service Data Preparation Software and is much more than an out of the box ETL tool. At a first glance it is easy to compare the product to counterparts such as SSIS or SAS … Läs mer


Fact tables in QlikView

In my previous 3 blog posts I have discussed Kimball Principles in QlikView projects with a particular focus on Dimensions and how changes are managed in this type of table. In this post we will shift focus and focus on Fact tables and how these differ from Dimensions. Fact tables are joined in a Star … Läs mer


Managing SCD type 2 in Qlikview

In part 3 of my current series, applying Kimball principles to QlikView projects, I will be examining SCD type 2 and how we can manage these in QlikView. In my previous posts we have examined how Kimballs Dimensionall Modelling Toolkit is a useful tool during the Modelling process and how we use this tool to … Läs mer


Managing SCD1 logic in QlikView

In my previous post we discussed Kimballs dimensional modelling and how It provides a structure and methodology to the Qlikview data modelling process. Understanding the Kimball model is relatively straightforward, but requires the QlikView developer to be well versed in such topics as Star schemes, Slowly changing dimensions, dimensions, facts and audit keys. In this … Läs mer


Building QV Solutions with Kimball principles

QlikView has rightly positioned itself as an extremely fast and user freindly analytical interface for decision support. Qlikview sits comfortably on top of a DW or can even be deployed as an ETL to Analysis (all in one tool). The debates are many as to wheather or not QlikView is sufficient, or even adequate, as … Läs mer


Kraftfull ETL med hjälp av QlikView Expressor

QlikView Expressor – kraftfullare ETL? Under 2012 förvärvade Qliktech Expressor. Ett inköp som jag personligen tycker är ett smart drag av Qliktech. Jag utvecklar nästan dagligen i SSIS och vet att en dedikerad ETL produkt verkligen underlättar datahanteringsprocessen i BI projekt. Med förvärvet av Expressor tar Qliktech ett stort steg närmare Enterprise kunder som annars … Läs mer